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What is a pin?

Pins are non-threaded fastening devices held in place by friction, tension or deformation. There are many styles of pins in multiple materials depending on the application. The most common styles of pins are cotter, dowel, spring, clevis and hitch.

Clevis Pins Externally Threaded Tapered Pin
Clevis Pins, AISI 304 Stainless Steel (18-8)
DIN 7977 and ISO 8737, Metric, Externally Threaded Tapered Pin, AISI 12L13 Steel
Grooved Pins Grooved Tapered Pins
DIN 1473, Metric, Grooved Pins, Class 6.8 Steel
DIN 1471, Metric, Grooved Tapered Pins, Class 6.8 Steel
Hitch Pins Internally Threaded Tapered Pin
Hitch Pins, Bridge Pins or Hair Pins, Steel, Zinc Plated
DIN 7978 and ISO 8736, Metric, Internally Threaded Tapered Pin, AISI 12L13 Steel
Pull Dowel Pins Solid Dowel Pins
DIN 7979-D and ISO 8735A, Metric, Pull Dowel Pins, Internal Threading, Steel
Pins - Solid Dowel Pins
Spring Pins Standard Cotter Pins
Pins - Spring Pins
Pins - Standard Cotter Pins
Standard Tapered Pin Vented Pull Dowel Pins
Pins - Standard Tapered Pin
Vented Pull Dowel Pins, Spiral, Alloy Steel, Holo-Krome® Brand
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