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Metric DIN 427 Slot Headless Screws Stainless Steel

Metric DIN 427 Slotted Set Screws with Flat Point are typically used to secure one object within or against another. Since the set screw (aka grub screw) is headless and threaded along the entire length of the screw it can pass through a threaded hole of one object and tightened against another object. They are often used to prevent relative motion between two rotating parts such as the movement of a pulley or a gear on a shaft. The clamping force is generated through the bottom tip of the screw that projects through the outer object into or against the inner object. The flat point is a flat surface on the opposite end from the slotted drive and is the simplest and most economical type of set screw and is used for frequent re-positioning of components where minimal shaft deformation is required. The slot drive allows for tightening and/or loosening with a single blade slotted screwdriver. Available in high grade A2 stainless steel and marine grade A4 stainless steel.

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