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Metric Machine Screws


A fully threaded screw with a blunt end and usually used with a nut or driven into a pre-tapped hole or threaded insert.

Machine screws are extremely versitile fasteners with standardized threading and that come in a variety of sizes, materials, head styles and drives to best suit the specific application.

Metric Screw Head Styles Include:

  • Pan Head: DIN 7985A (ISO 7045) and JIS B1111 pan head phillips drive and DIN 85 pan head slot machine screws have a flat bearing area and slightly rounded top. It is slightly flatter and has a greater thickness near its circumference than the round head. The additional surface area improves the grip of the driver bit particularly for slotted or flat drivers. Also the larger head increases torque when turning. JIS B1111 has a smaller diameter than the DIN 7985A
  • Oval Head: DIN 966 (ISO 7047) oval head phillips and DIN 964 (ISO 2010) oval head slot machine screws, often called oval countersunk, have a tapered base similar to a flat head, but with a sightly rounded head that lies slightly above the surface. These are ideal for countersunk holes, where they have a better profile than round head machine screw heads with a little more of a decorative finish than a flat head. Because they are countersunk, they help the machine screw to center. These heads are often combined with countersunk finishing washers for holding thin materials in place without damage.
  • Flat Head: DIN 965 (ISO 7046) flat head phillips and DIN 963 (ISO 2009) flat head slot machine screws have a tapered base and a flat surface that sits flush or slightly below the surface when installed and helps the machine screw to center. This require a pre-drilled counter sink - usually angled at 82 degrees (Unified thread). Metric flat heads have 90 degree angles. For a more decorative finish an oval head might be better suited as it has a slightly rounded top that remains above the surface.
  • Cheese Head: Din 84 (ISO 1207) slotted cheese head machine screw has a slightly tapered cylindrical head that is approximately 2 times the diameter of the screw thread. The head height is approximately 40% of the head diameter. The head has a slotted drive for installation and removal of the screw.

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