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Metric Set Screws

Set Screws, also known as grub screws or headless allen screws (for hex socket drive versions) are threaded fasteners with no head and an internal drive, usually an internal hex socket or slot drive. Metric Set Screws come in a variety of materials, allow steel, stainless steel and brass are the most common.

Drive Styles of Metric Set Screws:

Flat Point
: DIN 913 and ISO 4026. Allows for frequent resetting on hard shafts with minimum deforming and damage.
Cone Point: DIN 914 and ISO 4027. A sharp point for setting on soft or hard material shafts. The deep penetration allows for greater holding power.
Dog Point: DIN 915 and ISO 4028. For permanent setting, often used as a replacement for a dowel pin. The point should fit closely to the diameter of the drilled hole.
Cup Point: DIN 916 and ISO 4029. The most common style set screw. The cup tip allows for permanent and semi-permanent setting on softer material shafts.
Knurled Cup Point: DIN 916 and ISO 4029. Cup tip like standard cup point but with locking serration on tip. The cup tip allows for permanent setting on softer material shafts and locking serrations keep from loosening.
Slotted Drive: DIN 553 and ISO 7434 - Cone Point. DIN 417 and ISO 7435 - Dog Point. DIN 551 and ISO 4766 - Flat Point. DIN 427 and ISO 2342 - Partial Thread
Square Head: DIN 479. Square head set screws allow for external wrenching while head size across flats are equal to thread diameter.

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