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Metric DIN 6325 & DIN 7 (ISO 2338) Solid Dowel Pins | Steel & Stainless Steel

Dowel pins are solid cylindrical rods made of a variety of materials that are used to strongly and accurately join two or more objects together. Parallel dowel pins are able to join parts together by frictional forces between the pin and material into which it is inserted. In order to keep the assembled parts aligned, the dowel pin must be rigid and fit tightly into the pre-drilled holes of the mating parts.

PRECISION DOWEL PINS: DIN 7 or ISO 2338 - Parallel - Unhardened - Tolerance m 6 (oversized) - Type A - Machined - Rounded or Flat Ends- Available in Steel & Stainless Steel

DIN 6325 or ISO 8734 - Parallel - Hardened Steel, Hardness 58 to 62 HRC - Precision Ground - Diameter Tolerance m6 (oversized)