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Lock Nuts

What is a lock nut?

A lock nut (or locknut) is designed to stay tightened on a bolt, withstanding vibration, shock, torque and time, without the aid of a locking washer, by use of friction or locking mechanisms on the bearing surface.

Two most common lock nut groups:
1. PREVAILING TORQUE – a design feature of the lock nut produces friction between threads of mated components thereby increasing the force needed to tighten as well as loosen the nut. The two main categories of prevailing torque type nuts include: all metal and nylon insert lock nuts.

2. SURFACE-BEARING - a free spinning nut that requires tightening against a bearing surface in order for the locking mechanism to function. Two common surface bearing type lock nuts include: serrated flange and KEPS (K-Lock)

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