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Square Nuts

A square nut is, as its name implies, a four sided internally threaded fastener. There are several varieties of square nuts that mostly differ in the thickness of the nut, a rounded top-side vs flat on both sides and material. The versions of square nuts available are as follows:

Machine Screw Style: The thinnest version of square nut. Made of a low carbon steel and designed to be used with machine screws for light duty applications. Available in a Black Oxide Finish, Zinc plated Finish or Plain steel (no finish). They have a greater bearing surface than regular hex nuts and do not usually need a flat washer. Available with countersink and chamfer (rounded edges ) - mostly for appearance purposes or straight square.

Regular Style:
Thicker than the machine screw style. Made of ASTM A563 Grade A steel with a Rockwell Harness of B68-C32 and proof load of 90,000 psi minimum. Available in Hot Dipped Galvanized for heavy duty corrosion resistance, Zinc plated for medium corrosion resistance and plain steel for dry conditions. Good for medium duty and heavy duty applications.

Heavy Style:
The thickest version of square nut - Made of ASTM A563 Grade A steel, generally used with A307 Grade A or Grade B bolts. Rockwell Harness of B68-C32 and proof load of 90,000 psi minimum. Good for structural and heavy duty applications.

DIN 557, Metric, Square Nuts, Class 5 Steel, Zinc Plated and DIN 562, Metric, Square Thin Nuts, Class 4 Steel, Zinc Plated.

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