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Split Cotter Pins - Inch & Metric Din 94 - Steel, Stainless Steel & Brass

Made of 1005 - 1010 or equivalent low carbon steel, 300 series stainless steel or solid brass. Available in Inch (Imperial) or Metric sizes. Military grade to MS9245 available upon request.

Split cotter pins are double bodied pins formed from half-round wire, a loop at one end of which provides a head. The finished part has one end of the wire extending beyond the other end, with a chiseled point. They are used to anchor various assemblies by insertion into a drilled hole of a shaft or pin and spreading the points to hold the assembly in position. When used with castle or slotted nuts, it becomes a safety locking device.
Each prong of the cotter pin shall be capable of withstanding being bent back upon itself once with no visible indication of fracture occurring at the point of the bend.