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Drywall Screws

What is a drywall screw?

Drywall screws are specialty screws designed specifically for use in drywall installation applications. The bugle head style, sharp point and threading of these screws are made to attach drywall to wood or metal studs and provide the greatest holding power for sheetrock with the fastest application speed.

A few important tips to choose the right drywall screw
for your application:

1. The most common style drywall screws have a Phillips drive and can be used in any application. Square drive also, but are especially useful for ceilings or strange angle applications because the screw will hold tight on the bit.

2. Fine thread drywall screws are designed to attach drywall to 25 to 20 gage metal thick studs. The drill point version for 14 gauge.

3. Coarse thread drywall screws are designed for drywall to wood stud applications.

4. Hi-Lo thread is for attaching drywall to wood or metal - allows for less torque - reduced vibration and reduced breakage.

5. Pan framing screws are used to attach metal studs to metal floor & ceiling tracks in preparation for hanging drywall. Sharp point up to 0.036" thick steel. Self-drill point to 0.105" thick.