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High-Low (Hi-Lo) Self Tapping Screws

What is a high-low self tapping screw?

High-Low (Hi-Lo) self tapping screws have a double lead thread where one thread is high and the other low for easier penetration into the substrate. These specially threaded screws are designed to cut threads as they are driven into untapped holes. The lower thread ranges in height from 1/3 to 1/2 that of the higher thread. The smaller diameter thread increases contact with the substrate resulting in a stronger grip and increased resistance to stripping and pull out and lowers chance of cracking. High-Low screws are used in plastic, nylon, wood and thin sheet metal.

High-Low screws are available in carbon steel in a number of finishes (clear zinc, black zinc, black oxide) and stainless steel. Available in a variety of head styles (flat, hex washer, pan and truss) and drives (phillips, slot, 6-lobe, hex) Available in sizes from #2 to #14 diameters and lengths from 3/16" to 2".

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