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Weld Screws " Projections Under Head

Weld Screws with projections under head are externally threaded with a unified thread pitch and a cylindrical, low profile head with two parallel surfaces. The bearing surface under the head has three dome-shaped weld projections. The projections are concentrically placed 120┬░ apart and form the welded joint with the steel plate. Because the projections are positioned under the head, a through-hole is required in the material onto which the screw is being welded. While this results in the screw head positioned on the external surface of the steel plate, it allows for flush mounting of mated components. Furthermore, the through-hole facilitates self aligning of the weld screw and eliminates the need for fixturing during the welding process. These weld screws are made from C1008-1010 or equivalent welding quality carbon steel in a plain finish to facilitate welding.

For technical specifications on projection weld screws and spot weld screws click here.

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