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SEMS Machine Screws

What is a SEMS machine Screw?

SEMS Screws are machine screws that are pre-assembled with a free spinning washer or multiple washers. The washer is held in place by the major diameter of the screw being larger than the hole of the washer. SEMS screws can save production time by avoiding assembling on site.

For technical specifications/data sheets on SEMS screws style click here


Advantages of External Tooth Sems Screws

  • Generates and maintains tension
  • Absorbs torque and prevents slipping
  • Opposes loosening rotation of the screw
  • Absorbs shock and vibration
  • Ideal for larger head screws (round, pan, binding, etc.)
  • When exposed/visible teeth are not a concern
  • Maximizes torsional resistance due to larger radius