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Self Tapping Screws - Sheet Metal Screws

What is a self-tapping sheet metal screw?

Self tapping or sheet metal screws cut threads as they are driven into untapped holes. They generally require a pre-drilled pilot hole (drill size dependent on the screw diameter and material thickness). They are available in multiple of screw points and threads such as Type A, B and AB.

Type A vs Type AB Style:
Both of these thread types are designed to be self-starting in thin steel sheet metal (up to .05 thick) or resin filled plywood. All major dimensions of the screws are the same but an AB Style will have a slightly smaller major diameter and more threads per inch than the A Style. For Example an AB #8 Diameter will have 18 threads per inch (TPI) vs 15 TPI in the A style. This allows the AB Screw to be more effective in heavier and/or more brittle materials.

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Type B Style:
The same thread pitch and dimensions as the Type AB screw but wit a blunt point and incomplete entering threads. Used in thin metal, plastic and resin filled plywood.

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