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Easier to drive.

The three lobed design of the trilobular® thread with full relief of the thread form takes advantage of the physical properties of plastics by allowing recovery and filling-in between the trilobular® threading, thereby decreasing the effort required to insert the screw.

Many Styles and Materials

48-2 Plastite® screws are available in steel with the following head styles: flat head, pan head, truss head and hex indented washer head, drives: Phillips drive, 6-lobe drive and hex head, and with either a clear zinc finish, or black zinc finish or black oxide finish. 48-2 Plastite® screws are also available in stainless steel 18-8 and 410 with pan head, flat head and hex indented washer head and either phillips or 6lobe drives. Because of the variations in grades and types of plastics available and specific usage requirements, it is highly recommended to determine the ideal pilot hole size for each specific application. For specifications of recommended pilot hole sizes click here.

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