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What is a U-bolt?

A U Bolt is a headless bent bolt in the shape of a "U" with machine screw threads at both ends separated by an unthreaded curved region. They are specifically designed to fit around pipework and held in place securely with washers and mating nuts.
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U-Bolts - Round bent - without nut and washer - Steel Zinc Plated

U-bolts are fasteners generally designed to secure pipes to foundations, walls or ceilings. They can also be used for other applications to secure cables, conduits or other similar devices.

The part is measured Thread Diameter X Pipe Diameter
ie M10-1.5 X 30 would be a 10mm thread with a 1.5mm pitch X a 30mm pipe

Our Din 3570 U-Bolts are often specially imported from Europe upon order.

There may be delayed lead times and no expedited shipping available - please contact our sales department to confirm as some sizes may be non standard stock and non returnable