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Ceramic Coated Deck Screws

Ceramic Coated Deck Screws

Square drive flat head deck screws w/nibs and TYPE-17 point 2/3 thread ceramic coated.

These are engineered deck screws that are specially coated to increase corrosion resistance - tested to 1,200+ hours salt spray. Coating is color coded for green, red & tan lumber. Will not streak or stain lumber. Used in decks, docks, fences, spas, gazebos, siding and other outdoor applications.

The Type 17 fluted point (Auger Point) allows that screw to be inserted directly into the wood without the need of a pilot hole. The Type 17 does two things: eases driving the screw into harder materials without predrilling a pilot hole; and secondly it reduces splitting by flushing material so that it goes up the shank of the screw rather than being forced outward increasing lateral forces.

The nibs are strategically placed on the head of the screw to cut its own countersunk hole in order for the screw to sit flush or slightly below the surface of the wood.

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