Carriage, Elevator, Step and Track Bolts

Carriage Bolts are designed for wood-to-wood or wood-to-metal applications. These self-anchoring bolts have a special neck, often square, that locks the bolt into place to resist turning when the nut is being tightened.

Elevator Bolts are commonly used in conveyor and elevator systems. Similar to carriage bolts, elevator bolts have a square neck that locks the bolt into place. The large flattened head is preferred where a low profile is required.

Step Bolts are very similar in form and design to Carriage Bolts but have a larger, wider head with a lower profile.

Track Bolts are round headed bolts with slot across the center of the head for driving. The shoulder of the bolt has vertical ribs that are wider than the shank of the bolt. These bolts are designed specifically for the installation of garage door tracks.