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Sleeve Anchors

A 3 part anchoring system:

1- A threaded stud with a flared end
2 -A hollow sleeve assembled over the stud with slits on the end placed towards the flared end of the stud.
3- A washer and hex nut assembled at the end opposite the cone.

The anchor expands into the material in which it is embedded. When the hex nut is tightened the stud end is pulled into the sleeve pushing it outward around the anchor. Designed to be used in masonry, block, brick and concrete. Similar to a wedge anchor a sleeve anchor does not have to be permanent and can be removed after installation. It also induces less stress. It is often used for anchoring heavy equipment to concrete. There are many options of sleeve anchors depending on the application with different head/nut styles including, Hex nut, Acorn nut, coupling nut, Flat head and Round Head. They are available in steel and stainless steel.

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