We get it. You have a fastener emergency and you are in a hurry...

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- Contact us using our 24/7 emergency text message line (+1 818-584-8869).

What's your emergency?

Aspen Fasteners has recently launched its Fasteners911™ emergency sourcing program to try to help those who find themselves in the unenviable situation of having a production or assembly line go down because of an unanticipated shortage of industrial fasteners.

Our DNA in the fastener industry traces back over 60 years and our in-stock inventory is over 150,000 unique SKUs. Aspen Fasteners has developed a global network of partners that supports this inventory and supplements our catalog with millions of hard-to-find items that can shipped globally within 24 hours.

Aspen Fasteners has also focused on expanding our relationships with factories that can produce for fast delivery, deliveries that can be measured in days and weeks instead of months and years. We have also expanded our network of factories that specialize in small runs that can often compensate for requirements that would normally be “off the shelf” quantities.

A focus on customer service

When you find yourself in that desperate situation where you cannot find the fasteners that you so badly need, let Aspen Fasteners know what your emergency is. We will literally go to all corners of the Earth to help.